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About Us

Sentido Mobile enables businesses to use a normal cellphone as an extension of their office computers. We let your staff (or even your customers) access and post data to your current computer system by using a normal cellphone.
Our team consist of a number of IT and Finance professionals whose aim it is to save you time & money and increase efficiency. Although we also offer SMS systems, most of our programs are “two-way” which enables data checking, intelligent lists and recordkeeping, all of which is not possible with simple SMS systems.

We save you time because business forms* can now be completed on a cellphone and the information is validated and captured into a database or your existing system only once. For example when a rep takes an order from a client, he calls up the clients favourites, captures the clients order (which is validated against the “available balance” etc), all from a cellphone. The warehouse and the client receive an instant electronic confirmation of the order (could be just an email or an entry into the current “picking slip system”). Stock levels for example can be monitored by the minute by the rep so he can inform the client before the order is submitted through that there might be delays because stock levels are low.

We save you money because your staff does not need to phone in to access or report business information. They access and post the information through a remote connection using their cellphones. For example a rep no longer has to spend time on the phone or computer to type up an order; travelling to the office can even be reduced. Another example is that even lower level staff can now experience the power of computers. We make a cellphone an extension of your mainframe system. We can also save you a lot of money because you can send free emails (and messages) to your staff’s cellphones.
By making use of Sentido Mobile applications you can now keep in contact with your reps no matter where they are without having to make expensive phone calls. They are permanently in contact with the back office systems.

We increase your efficiencies because data is only captured once (the data is validated according to set parameters). The data is captured “at source” – no longer waiting until month end before sales can be calculated. No more “lost fax orders” ! For example, field staff can bill a client whilst he or she is still sitting in the client’s office. Information that is sent to the back office is more accurate because there are not the usual problems of trying to hear what the Rep says over the cellphone. Values are captured not misinterpreted.

Turn your cellphone into a powerful business tool. Call Sentido today !

*Such as orders, delivery notes, waybills, invoices, time sheets and application forms