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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Conducting confidential employee surveys enables businesses to get a candid look at how their employees’ feel about their work environment. Employees are free to share their thoughts without fear of retaliation should they provide a negative comment. Organizations can use our electronic survey solutions to demonstrate that they care about their staff’s happiness and to make informed business decisions. For example, employees may shed light on potential areas for improvement and ways to increase operational efficiency. The survey can be accessed from a desktop PC and/or a cell phone.
The following are examples of electronic satisfaction surveys that employers or researchers can launch :

360° Feedback
Employee Opinion Surveys
Compensation Surveys
Benefits Analysis
Training Needs Analysis
Speaker Evaluations
Job Satisfaction
Skills Assessment
Hiring & Tracking
Exit Interviews

We have developed electronic and mobile surveys for clients and research houses such as Citizen Surveys, National Library, TerraNova, Computer Associates and MTN.