Why use this service?

With a loan arranged through us
you can pay off all your existing
credit cards, overdrafts and unsecured loans
and replace them with just one manageable
monthly payment at the best possible rate.

We can make the process as painless
as possible with our network of
credit providers. You no longer have to beg
for service; you get to do the "choosing"!
Enjoy it!

Arranging your loan couldn't be easier.
There are no interviews and everything
can be completed professionally and
without delay. Sentido and its registered
credit providers have gained respect
throughout the finance industry
for our honesty, professionalism and service.
Our loans are made available only
through registered credit providers and
trustworthy financial institutions.

You can be sure that you are borrowing
not only at very competitive interest
rates but also with the
greatest of confidence. Our aim
is to get you the best deal out there.
The financial institutions offer
rebates on early settlements and they
will under certain conditions consider
all circumstances including mortgage
arrears, debt court judgements,
defaults or poor credit ratings.