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Mobile SalesForce - Mobile online ordering and Rep Management system
How does the online ordering and rep management system work?
1.  Won’t it be nice if clients and sales representatives are able to order your products online? They either login in with username and password so that you know who placed the order or the system is open for the public. You then receive the order in email format at selected email addresses. Your client instantly receives an order confirmation via email (complete with your logo on). There is also an online reporting system where you can view order history.
2. The system also works on cell phones; that is ideal for sales representatives on the road. It saves a ton of money because orders are simply transmitted via a data connection as opposed to an expensive cellular phone call.
3. Thought it will be too expensive or too cumbersome? Not so, we kept the system very user friendly and cheap (see cost structure below), yet it can be used anywhere in the world!
4. You can manage the users, products, product groups, stores, clients, and prices with a user-friendly online management portal. Updates are instant.
5. There is no need to download any software; the software is hosted on a server. All changes take effect immediately across the board. You can access the management system from anywhere. No data is kept on the phone itself so there is no risk of letting data get into unauthorized hands.
6. There are numerous benefits for example :
    - No more lost fax orders
    - Orders can be placed without human intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    - Spend less time and money on phone calls (on average a sales rep saves       R1000 per month on his or her mobile phone bill)
    - Ease of use will bring you more business
    - Available on any cellular phone or computer
     - Online reports that show orders, stock levels, returns and competitors' prices.
    - Managers can view real-time online reports of their sales reps' or     merchandisers' activities and transactions
Costs structure
1.  We charge only R50 (+VAT) per seat (i.e. user) per month for the password protected system. Overseas customers pay only $10 per month per seat.
2. The system that is open to the public costs R300 (+VAT) per month. (Overseas customers pay $50 per month)
3. There are no set-up fees if you do the set-up yourself. The set-up is fairly simple and is done in a web portal. If you require assistance your agent or Sentido may help you for a small fee (should not be more than R300 / $50)
4. You may try out the system free of charge for a month

The system also has a very powerful reporting facility to report for example the following:

Activities by rep and by store – for example to see the following :

    - when and where each rep was, and
    - what they were doing there (e.g. ordering, returning, stock taking or price surveying)
    - and what was ordered, returned, stock levels and competitors prices
    - when each store was serviced, what was done and by whom it was done

This gives an excellent bird’s eye view of a sales rep’s and merchandiser's daily activities, their movements as well up to date instore stock levels, competitors prices and service levels at each store.

The Price Surveying has the following features:

    - Add/Edit Competitors and their products which you want to monitor
    - Schedule Surveys - Assign products to selected stores to be surveyed.
    - Price Survey Report - View average, low and high prices of surveyed products.

Click here to view a demo or set up your own working system (with full functionality)


The online ordering system can also be combined with the following mobile modules:

    Mobile Job cards
    Mobile Job Planning and Diary
    Mobile Email
    Mobile Stock Take
    Mobile Returns Capture
    Mobile Price Survey
    Mobile CRM
    Mobile Photo Upload
    Mobile Time and Travel

The applications can be integrated with your existing systems with the use of our CleverBase® program or by supplying and retrieving electronic files via various methods.