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Web Surveys

The Online Survey Tool has a host of amazing features designed to make your life easier!
Today’s leading companies realizes the importance of being in touch with stakeholders and being aware of changing views and opinions.
With billions spent on ERP, CRM, and BI systems to guide growth and augment efficiencies, companies are now turning their attention towards their customers, employees and partners to help achieve and sustain growth and profitability.
Frank, regular and confidential feedback from them is crucial to the process and the most efficient and cost effective way is via web surveys.
Sentido offers you a convenient system that allows you to develop, manage and support your own web surveys whilst having instant and real-time feedback.

Web surveys will help you:
- Foster better employee, customer and stakeholder relationships
- Introduce, test and get fast feedback about new products & services or changes within the company
- Obtain information that previously was difficult and expensive to obtain

If you want an affordable, yet powerful, web survey tool, then click here to try before you buy (your first web survey is totally free, with all the functionality included, but limited to 100 respondents. Thereafter a sliding scale is applicable, see below).
PS: If you are interested in cell phone enabled surveys, then click here

  Some of the features of our Web Survey system are:  
  Quick & Easy to use this is the most user friendlysystem in the business, for beginners and pros alike  
  Fully customizable you can change the colours, lay-out, font, company logo  
  Anonymous you have the option to run the survey anonymous under the Survey123 brand  
  Hosted completely hosted, we provide the server and software, no need for software downloads.  
  Images upload graphics or images to enable branding  
  Question types all question types can be used, e.g. radio buttons, check boxes, matrixes, textboxes, comments and descriptive text. See below for more detail.  
  Online results results can be accessed via the web and it is password protected  
  Value for money we offer you your first survey for free (with full functionality) and thereafter only:  
    For first 100 respondents : $50 (R350) per month all inclusive
Between 101 and 300 respondents : $200 (R1,400) per month all inclusive
Between 300 and 1,000 respondents: $300 (R2,100) per month all inclusive
More than 1,000 respondents: available on quote
  Above prices excludes VAT (only chargeable if you are a South African company)

To test our system, and follow a few easy steps.